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Home Selling Tips
Little things mean a lot when you’re trying to sell your house

The way you present your property to prospective buyers can make all the difference between success and failure.

Intangibles often help a sale - a clean fresh smell or the straight vacuum lines can make
buyers feel comfortable about the way the home has been cared for.
If prospective buyers don’t find your house appealing, they won’t
be interested in seeing what’s inside.
Everyone knows, of course, that neatness counts, both inside and out.
Buyers react most strongly to kitchens and bathrooms, so it will pay to concentrate alot of effort in these areas.

Make sure to turn all the lights and open the curtains or blinds when the house is to be
shown, this will make the home feel spacious.


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Tax Benefits
with Steve Lavoie

Buying a home offers considerable tax advantages. This should be a major factor in the decision to purchase. For the latest information on tax regulations, forms and specific circumstances, contact a CPA, tax attorney, or the local IRS office.

Basic Deductions As a homeowner, you should be able to deduct the following items from your taxable income: (Verify with your CPA)

Mortgage Interest – Since most of your mortgage payments during the first few years goes toward interest, this is usually a substantial deduction.

Property Tax – Tax assessed against a property by the local government. This is part of your monthly payment (PITI).

You might be able to also deduct home improvement loan interest, home equity loan interest, depreciation, etc. Consult with your CPA.

Be an informed Buyer, it will always save you money!

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