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It's time to move on. Whether you are making a job change, moving to a bigger home, retiring or just need a change of scenery, one thing is certain: you want to get the right price, with the right terms, in the right amount of time. Steve Lavoie has those same GOALS!

Home Selling Tips
with Steve Lavoie

Little things mean a lot when you're trying to sell your house.
The way you present your property to prospective buyers can make
all the difference between success and failure. Intangibles often help
a sale- a clean fresh smell or the straight vacuum lines can make
buyers feel comfortable about the way the home has been cared for.
There are a lot of easy, inexpensive ways to put a shine on your
home and enhance its overall desirability. Here are some easy to do
suggestions that I hope work for you.

If prospective buyers don't find your house appealing, they won't
be interested in seeing what's inside.
Here's how you can turn that initial impression into love at first
sight: Get started by, Trimming the shrubbery, mow the lawn, edge
the drive and walkways, trim around the house and fences, clean the
windows until they sparkle. Give the house a fresh coat of paint or
if you don't have the time or money to do it right away, at least repaint
the side & the trim that can be seen from the street. And last, but not
least, add some annuals to give the yard the special touch.

Everyone knows, of course, that neatness counts, both inside and
out. Gardening tools should be put away and hoses neatly coiled, cars
should be in the garage or properly parked in the drive, never in the
yard. This is also not a good time to be working on the car or boat,
keep it hidden in the garage and make sure the garage door stays closed.
The front door should be clean or better yet freshly painted. Inside,everything should be spotless, this is the time to do that spring cleaning.As you go through each room, use "less is more" as your guideline. You want to make every room look as spacious as possible, and with that in mind, remove extra furniture and now's a good time to pack away all those things that you seem to accumulate and organize those closets.
Now's the time to have the carpet professionally cleaned. If your carpet is stained, it's possible to have it dyed, or now's the time to think about replacing the flooring. Remember, if the buyer thinks it needs new carpet, they'll say it will cost $5,000, when you could have done it for $2,200 or they might just get turned off on your home and not even make an offer. Keep in mind, that if you do replace the flooring, keep the color neutral.

Buyers react most strongly to kitchens and bathrooms, so it will pay to concentrate alot of effort in these areas.
If your cabinets aren't up to date, sometimes just switching knobs and door handles is a dramatic improvement. To make the prospective buyer feel like a welcome guest, use the subliminal appeal of warm and friendly scents, such as the smell of freshly baked cookies or bread. Potpourri, especially the simmering kind will be particularly effective in the bathrooms.
New shower curtains for every bathroom in the house are a must before you start showing. Tired, streaky shower curtains are a real turnoff. This is also a good time to re-caulk the baths or showers, that fresh look will go miles with a prospective buyer.

Yes, it's time to talk about the "Garage". Now's the time to get rid of all that stuff that you never use. Make it clean and organized.
Everyone loves a peaceful backyard, especially here. Show yours off be keeping it uncluttered, clean the furniture, remove any pieces that are worn, and buy a cover for the grill.
This is also the time to clean the gutters, pressure wash the deck & fence, and add some new mulch to the flower beds.
If your curtains are old, worn or faded, replace them. Mini blinds are not only inexpensive, they're a terrific solution to all kinds of window decorating problems, and they'll give a fresh, modern look.
Get some pointers on decorating by studying the home decorating magazines, you're sure to find a couple of wonderful ideas.
Make sure to turn all the lights and open the curtains or blinds when the house is to be shown, this will make the home feel spacious.

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